The Usual Tech Ramblings

Found my twin

Have you ever heard that everybody has a twin, even if they don’t know it? I’ve always thought that everybody had a twin somewhere in the world. I used to walk around my home town and see a man that looked exactly the same as my dad, and I have approached him several times only to realize it wasn’t him. Today I think I found mine.

While Googling for a command to convert SecureCRT Public key files into SSH compatible strings, I uncovered this. At first I thought it was a useful instruction on exactly what I was after. Then I noticed something in the side bar… “ShutterBug”, and realized the guy was into photography, as well as computer stuff. So not only does he use the same software, but is also into photography. Okay, bit of a stretch on that “twin” thing right? When I started browsing around his “ShutterBug” section, I found out he has the same camera as mine, and was considering getting the same camera I want too…

On that note, all I have to say is… how creepy.