The Usual Tech Ramblings


It has come to my attention, well not recently really, that people are generally incredibly lazy. They don’t like doing things that will either:

  • Make life generally a little better for everybody
  • Will involve a small amount of work

This little rant has been building up for a long while… today it popped.

While trying to print an expense report, I walked over to the printer, and noticed it had run out of paper. Fair enough, so I put some more in, and watched the rest of a 147 page report print. Now, this 147 page report was started at about 9:30 this morning, and I walked to the printer at around 10:15ish. That is about 45 minutes. Our printer is pretty fast, the 147 pages would be printed in just a few minutes, so I figure if you printed it, maybe 5-10 minutes after printing it you’d go and collect it. At that point (if you didn’t notice your computer telling you there was an error) you’d notice the printer was out of paper. So 45 minutes after somebody had printed a report, they’d:

  • Not collected it
  • Not fixed the lack of paper

Surely if you wanted a report printed, you did it for a reason right? I mean, what is the point of waisting 147 pages of paper if you’re not even going to collect it. What’s even worse, is the fact that the paper for that printer is in a box underneath the printer, with paper written on it.

Okay, so I found out who printed it, and asked her why she waisted 147 pages, she said she didn’t know, but it had errored while printing, and she left it… blink Hey, if I get an error, I generally check it out. This was a developer, you usually grant the developers a little slack and assume they have a little intelligence too, I guess I was mistaken in this situation.

Sodas… this one drives me up the wall. Our company is kind enough to pay for a large supply of soda, and snacks for us. I think it’s great, they go to Sam’s Club once a week or so, and pick up a whole bunch of them, diet and regular as well. So I like my soda cold, just like everybody else apparently, so I make sure that the soda I drink has at least a 6 pack in the fridge so I know it’ll be cold. When I see it’s about to run out (last one or two sodas left), I put in another 6 pack… That benefits myself, and whoever else links to drink the green glow in the dark “Mountain Dew”. So can you imagine how frustrated I get when I open the fridge, and find no MDs in there? Seriously, how difficult is it to walk 5 paces across the room to the pallets of sodas, grab a six pack, walk another 5 paces back, and drop them in the fridge? Is it that much hard work?

See, I’d stop putting soda in the frigde, but I like mine cold, and we don’t have a working ice maker on this floor, so I have no choice… Either drink it warm, or continue to put the sodas in the fridge.