The Usual Tech Ramblings

Picture Weekend

After thinking something might be up with my camera, I was told by Nikon to send it in, with a few pictures, and the negatives for those pictures for review. So I decided to run a film through my camera quickly as I didn’t want to send off any of the pictures I had already taken. In the end, it looked like it might actually be the printers but we’ll have to see on the next roll of film.

After loading the film up to run it through, I was watching some TV, and heard some laughing from the dining room. Now don’t make assumptions that we don’t watch Christopher, we watch him pretty close, but when he can run pretty fast, and climbs like a monkey, when you see these pictures, you’ll find them quite amusing.

The first one is of him just sitting with the flowers, he found it amusing because he was on the table when he knew he shouldn’t have been.

Christopher and Flowers

He then grabbed one of the flowers, and decided to try handing it to us. I don’t think we could have posed him like this, even if we’d tried…

Christopher giving Flowers

I think this is one of the best pictures I have of him, along with the picture of him on the train. After having some fun with him and the flowers, I decided to shoot some of just the flowers. All of my pictures, or at least select ones that I like quite a bit can be seen in my gallery.