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Light Tent

Some of us really don’t have the money to buy high quality lighting equipment for photography, and if it is more of a hobby than a profession, then money is probably more of a limit. eBay is a good resource, you can find a handful on there for quite cheap, as long as you get the bids in right. Being ok with my hands, I thought I’d see how difficult it would be to build one.

I was at the craft store today with my girlfriend while she looked at some bead stuff, I was just wandering around. I found some inspiration for light reflectors in a sheet board made of card, and polystyrene, that was only about $2 for a 3’ by 2’ piece, but that wasn’t what I was really after, but it certainly gave me some ideas.

When I got home I started to plan in my head, maybe some cheap wood, and some thick paper would do the trick. Trusty google comes to bring up more ideas when I tried searching for a way to build your own light tents, and hit upon this. It’s a very simple design by Bill Huber, and shows some creativity, with some well documented photos to show the works, and some finish up shots of what he has done with it. I guestimate the price to build his model was probably at about $15.

Not too shabby, I’m considering giving it a shot.