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Corporate and Organization Intelligence...

While driving into work this morning, it dawned on me that generally corporations, and organizations, don’t appear to have any intelligence at all. This was mostly spawned by two news stories that make you think… “how stupid”. I’m not saying you should do one of these, and lying about the other one is just plain stupid as you will eventually be found out.

The first one is the US armed forces, and Abu Ghraib. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the next round of images. Today, Salon released additional images from Abu Ghraib relating to the tortures of detainees. BBC also has this story covered, and so does many other sources. My comment on this one… If you’re going to do something illegal, do NOT be stupid enough to take pictures, videos, and diaries of the event. It will come back and bite your ass.

The second story is about RadioShack’s CEO. Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram released an article disclosing possible information that Dave Edmondson’s resume might not been entirely valid. A day later, Edmundson confirmed that he might have mislead people on his resume stating that he made a mistake, and was sure he got a ThG instead of a BS. He further added that he didn’t realize the information on the RadioShack’s website was also incorrect. Mmmm… tasty. What more could you want from a rather large corporate entity than complete incompetence. Surely if you were hiring somebody to be your CEO you’d at least confirm the information on the applicants’ resumes.