The Usual Tech Ramblings


I’m getting kind of tired of some people’s philosophies in OpenSource. Tonight I spent well over an hour trawling through Sourceforge, looking for something very simple. A time tracker. Nothing more complicated that being able to click a button showing I am doing something, and another to say I’m done… and add some comments. I know, I could probably write one myself, but I’m feeling lazy, instead I wasted an hour in which I could have just written it. Back on course… why am I getting tired? Tonight I must have clicked on over 40 projects. A majority of which were registered right around the big hype on the internet, known to everybody as the .com period… I probably should have known not to look at them, but some of the descriptions were enticing. Only to be taken to a dead project. Then I stumbled across a dozen projects that had comments like “inspired by project X but better”… and those were dead too… surely if it’s better, you could contribute back to the original project, instead of spawning your own project that dies a few months after original conseption? I mean seriously… it’s not that difficult. If I like something on a project, and think I can add improvements, I’ll jump on that project to help out, submit patches, do what I can… instead of spawning my own garbage that I know will eventually die due to lack of interest, or my lack of time….

And there is my rant… See… Tired of a lot of OpenSource projects purely because they go nowhere, or spawn from others in an attempt to be better, but don’t go anywhere… yada yada