The Usual Tech Ramblings

On another note...

Discovering Neill is working for Greensward has made me rather nostalgic. While I probably still consider a large part of my college/highschool life as the worst part in my life, there were still some good times.

And while it seems stupid, cycling from Southend to Hockley at 3am on a bitterly cold day, wearing a t-shirt just to check up on Neill to make sure he was okay, after he “vanished” after a “bad” conversation with a “friend” was one of them.

And while it might also be stupid, thinking of Martin and James kicking the crap out of an old computer found on the floor in the “outcasts” break room, and yelling “beating the wang” was rather amusing (yes, the manufacturer was “Wang computers”).

And thinking of college, while at the time, I thought it was incredibly annoying at the time, looking back it was quite impressive, I think everybody in the school knew my name because I worked with the IT staff a lot, and walking down the hallway to the lunchhall and having everybody saying hi jon (and not knowing there name) is quite fun. Looking back gives a sense of “power”, at the time I found it really annoying.

sighs Sometimes I miss home, and my friends.