The Usual Tech Ramblings

Bad internet... bad...

Well, not all of it. I’ve generally had quite a good experience with buying stuff online, never had any issues. Purchased quite a bit from ebay, a few books, and a little bits and pieces all over the place (Stephanie’s game sites etc). That was until recently.

I recently purchased a couple of things from sites I’d never used before, and about a month later, a couple of charges appeared on my card. Only minor stuff, a site subscription service for about $20, and a software subscription for $50. The great thing is, the companies involved in those two transactions realized pretty quick, and had refunded the money the same day without me getting involved. That same night, Visa called me to check up on a few other transactions that they’d noticed, and thought was odd (yay Visa).

Ended up having another 5 transactions on my card that they rejected immediately, and they promptly terminated the card whilst on the phone. This is all great, until you come to realize I don’t deal with cash any more. This makes going food shopping a little difficult. A few days later, another charge appeared, for $192.62 by an Italian airline. While I’d very much love to go to Italy, I have no plans on going right now (small munchkin in tow makes it a little more difficult). So I ended up having to go into my local branch to file a fraudulent transaction claim (took about an hour, and two forms). 5 days later, money was back in my account (yay bank).

Always fun when you manage to spend money that you didn’t know.