The Usual Tech Ramblings

Civilization has no common sense

Weird, I know, but I think most people probably already knew it.

This morning, whilst driving to work, I got stuck behind a woman driving her car about 15 mph down the road, she had her hazards on, and a flat tire. Okay, shit happens, but if you blow a tire, you find the nearest safest spot to pull over, because the last thing you want is to destroy your rims, and any chance you might be able to fix what caused your tire to go flat in the first place. So I followed her for a bit before deciding to over-take her. In the process of following her, I drop past 2 small side streets, a gas station, a small shopping strip, and an Albertsons. So commonsense dictates that you really should have pulled over at some point along this route, but no… she kept going.

I finally had enough of pottering along at 15mph, and started to go around her, to find her chatting on her cell phone… ARGH!!!

Then, as if that wasn’t stupid, I get into work, and as I’m about to pull into the office carpark, I notice an SUV parked in the entrance, with blinkers on. Now, to get into our parking, you go behind the building, and down a ramp. The corner is a blind bend, and drops right down. Now she’s parked right before the corner, so you have to go on the wrong side of the road before you get to the bend… SMART. So I drive around her, to see she’s on her cell phone. Now, I’m impressed she stopped to take the phone call, but we have a whole road in front of the building that is seperated from the main street, so instead of pulling in there (which incidentally would have made it about 50 times easier to get back out as you don’t have to reverse up a road), she decides to wrecklessly endanger people’s lives by parking on a blind bend… great stuff…