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Backups and the home user...

A few weeks ago, I wrote a quick comment on home users and backups. Today, over on Slashdot, a “Home User” posted the simple question “How do I backup”.

The poster basically boils it down to the following:

  • Needs to backup 30GB+
  • Wants it to be portable
  • Must be cheap (as in beer)
  • Must work with Windows XP

There was over 100 comments posted. The sad thing is, a majority of the comments appeared to be general “flames” like “use Linux”, a handful suggested solutions for Linux, and others didn’t meet the above criteria. On suggestion caught my attention, and that was Abakt. It seems to fit right into the above criteria, with the addition of adding an external HDD to the mix, instead of the posters 10+ DVDs. In a nutshell, it does:

  • Compressed, or copy style backups
  • Free
  • GUI
  • Windows based
  • Filters

It looks like it might be worth a look, which is good, because I probably need to do an additional set of backups for my photo work (raw images as well as the completed).