The Usual Tech Ramblings

Odd Dell behaviour

The other day, I somehow stumbled across a video of a Dell Optiplex GX520 being turned off by a cell phone. Most amusing. I even tried copying it for some giggles with the guys at work (I was bored after all). Usually I don’t post silly things like this, but I think I stumbled on another weird occurrence of it. While attempting to remotely login to one of our servers in the office over RDP, I miss-typed my password. This let out the usual PC speaker beep. I had the PC speaker volume cranked all the way up (I’d just been playing games).

When the beep went off, screen flickered, and then nothing… all was quiet… dead… turned off. On powering the laptop back up (a Dell Inspiron 9300), Windows booted just fine, and it behaved as if it was a clean boot. It didn’t give me any pretty warnings about unusual stops, or crashes, or anything like that… Most unusual.