The Usual Tech Ramblings

Looking Back

I was reading over my usual list of blogs on Friday, and Neill posted a bit of a “reflection” and more of a plan on the future. It’s interesting to see some of what he wants to do, and what he has come to the conclusions on. It seems he’s finally settled into a job he enjoys (yay). It’s weird… I remember sitting in college, thinking about the future, and not having a clue about what/where/when/how I’d get there, or even what I wanted to do. I used to want to be in the army (actually still have inclinations to do so), however borked knees makes for a terrible time trying to even pass the physical, so I ended up working in IT. And I have a rather crazy Welshman to thank for that. Now I’m a networking administrator at a rather successful company, married, with a kid, and looking back at the past, rather than the future. Why? Because I’m once again, back to not entirely sure where/what/how/when I want to go.

I look at what Neill has written down as “things to do”, and come to similar conclusions. I would love to be running my own successful IT business, in a long term relationship, in my own house, and be financially stable. I must say, I have a successful job (though sometimes restrictive), not sure where I’d go with my own business, I have to think more on that. I am in a long term relationship (of course, I’m married, and I have a son). And I’m financially stable. I don’t think I’ve looked at my bank balance in nearly a month. Why? Because I know, no matter what comes out, it’s covered. As for the house, not there yet. That’s in the next few years I think. I do live in my own apartment though.

I believe I need to take some time, sit back and relax a bit, and set myself some goals in life. Currently I think I’m just plodding along. A little like my work right now. I don’t really feel like working on any work stuff tonight, but I have 3 apps to knock out for tomorrow. sighs

Now I am wandering into my rambling stage, where my mind has things on it, and isn’t sure where, or how, to put them, so I’ll draw a line there, and just put these things in:

  • Work
  • Home
  • Life

I need to think of those, and get some “plans” in place.