The Usual Tech Ramblings

Simple concepts... great results

One of the guys from work suggested that I could probably pull of a great concept site. Something like YouTube (wishful thinking). I’ve been pondering the comment. Can I really do it? Can I pull something off like that? Maybe not to that scale, but a great concept.

So this evening I was thinking of some concepts. I’ve seen a few sites that have great ideas, and very simple too. Take YouTube for example. The premise? Allow people to share videos. How difficult is that? Well conceptually it’s incredibly simple. From an architectural standpoint, however, it becomes a little complicated. The bandwidth requirements for something that simple must be huge, but that’s not the point here.

Another simple concept, LinkedIn. The premise? Allow users to share relationships with other people. Be it colleges, or friends, the site shares the information. Why? To build networks. The idea? The more people you have visibility with, the better it is.

Another one, LivePlasma. Ever used Amazon, and looked at a book, where it shows the recommendation on what other people have been buying? This app uses the same concept (wouldn’t actually surprise me if they are using Amazon’s APIs). Type in an artist, and it’ll build a relationship of other artists based on what others buy/listen to. MusicMap is another case of this.

All of the above examples also have massive potential for income. Not simply from goliath’s like Google buying you, but small things. LivePlasma can get revenue from using Amazon accounts when it displays links to artists (they probably do). YouTube could show a short clipet of a few seconds before each video, a banner for a sponsor or something. LinkedIn has the potential to reach out to thousands of employment agencies (I believe I’ve seen a ad on there at least once or twice).

These are just a couple of examples, and doesn’t even go into others like FaceBook, ClassMates, Flickr, Digg,, and the likes. So what’s my idea? I’ve no idea yet. I’m all out of juice in my creativity engine. However, if you have an idea, and need a coder/sysadmin, drop me an email/comment.