The Usual Tech Ramblings

Back to the old ways... and new ways

Today started a new beginning in management. At least activity management anyway. Myself, and the new network admin, have been working on ways to better handle the sudden spawn of employees. Equipment purchases are becoming a nightmare. For example, we have 5 open POs with Dell alone at the moment.

So we’re going back to Track-It. It has PO tracking, ticket and inventory management, and user management. We’re working on a process that will work something along the lines of this:

  • New user is hired, and equipment requested
  • We check inventory to see if the we have equipment to cover, if not, a PO is generated.
  • New user “ticket” is updated to include PO information, and scheduled delivery date.
  • On delivery of equipment, it’s tagged with an asset tag, and software is loaded (a clone is reimaged onto the box).
  • Inventory is then moved from “unassigned” to the new user.

Having a decent process in places is going to allow us to better manage our time, and resources, and not over order, or under stock. We had plans of using v7, however the management above us are pushing back telling us we should use the software the corporate office is using (which they aren’t), and to wait until they are. This at least gives us a handle on things to start with, and we can always review things later.