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Dell Rails

This is mostly for Bill, but I am rather impressed with Dell on this one, so I thought I’d post, rather than email…

Yesterday our fourth domain controller arrived. A rather nicely spec’d Dell PowerEdge 1950. It was built using the corporate template, so it’s well over-spec’d for what we need (dual core 1.8ghz with 4mb cache, 1gb RAM etc etc). When ordering, I paid specific attention to the type of rails to order. I made sure it said “versa-rails” as we have round holed rack.

This afternoon, we decided to rack it up, we opened the box, and I pulled out the rails box. Looked at it, and cursed… and cursed some more. It appeared Dell had managed to screw up the order, and had sent us the square peg kit. I was fuming… then I blinked… and I looked closer… and this is what I found.

What I got was a kit with both types of connectors. Not as a “build your own” rail kit, but more a case of flip this. There is a small blue tab on the rails at both end that lets you rotate the whole connection system, and it flips from square to round, and back. The third image on the link above best demos this.

I must say… Well done Dell.