The Usual Tech Ramblings


From time to time, I end up going back, and retrying applications I originally thought were pretty nifty to see if new features have spawned, or items that I think are “missing” have finally appeared.

So I’m back to trying “Live Writer” from Microsoft again. I’ve found a couple of plugins for it that can do some things that the live editor can now do, however I’m still stuck on something that is driving me up the wall.

I wish it’d post “plain text”, rather than formatted HTML.  Okay, maybe not entirely what I meant.  When I’m editing in WLW, all is well, and it looks like plain text. However, if I post this to my blog, and then go back and edit it from Wordpress, all the text is on a single line, with HTML slapped all over the place. It’d be nice if the formatting was tidied up in the event that I went back an re-edited something.  Even simply putting in line breaks when a new paragraph starts would be nifty.