The Usual Tech Ramblings

Avaya CCC and "no available licenses"

This morning our CCC application that does call tracking for call groups started generating a weird error about it not having any licenses. The error was

No available license could be found at this time.

This was a little odd as it had worked before our office move, and I’m pretty sure somebody wouldn’t have figured out that they can license per physical location. So trusty google I go. After a few links, I stumbled upon this one on Tek-Tips (great site if you’ve not used it before, a little like experts-exchange, but free). Somewhere in there is a comment on the order of start up for the CCC software. Basically says that the key service has to start before the delta server, which has to start before the report service. If it doesn’t, or they start at the same time, the key server doesn’t get chance to report the licenses available, which causes the above error.