The Usual Tech Ramblings

The power of listening

Most people don’t understand how powerful listening can be. The best place is in business. Today I got a spoonful of “listening” from a web site I regularly read news on. Dark Reading send out daily news letters with security stuff on it. I noticed that one of their blogs (Firewalled), actually all of them, have RSS feeds on it. So I decided to subscribe, and click on over to Google Reader. As soon as it snapped up the RSS, I clicked on an interesting looking article, and was taken to the front page for that blog… Odd, until you see that all the RSS items had the same link. So I submitted a “Contact Us” form. My submission was sent at approximately 1739, and was replied to, and corrected by 1757. Google Reader picked up the whole feed again, all items with nice shiney new links to the correct documents.

I’m always very impressed with simple things like this. The guy that replied, could have easily blown it off until tomorrow, or add it it on the back burner of things not so important to do. Instead he took less than 20 minutes to look at the issue, resolve it, post the update, and respond. That is what goes into “customer satisfaction”. Great job.