The Usual Tech Ramblings

Upgraded reader...

I’ve been playing with RSS readers for a while. I used to use FeedReader, but kept wanting more. I found a few items difficult to get used to, like adding a custom tag to something I might want to go back and look at later.

Then I started playing with RSS Bandit. It has a very “Outlook” feel to it, though the graphics aren’t so up-to-date. Again, I still felt something wasn’t right with it.

In the meantime, I kept reading how Scoble is addicted to the Google Reader (He’s apparently not the only one), so I thought I’d take another peek. I wasn’t too impressed with my first usage of it several months ago, but I kept noticing people mentioning sneaky upgrades, so I decided another look should be warranted.

Thankfully, both RSS Bandit and FeedReader have options to export my subscription, and Google Reader has an import option. Having read Scobles handy comments on short cuts, I quickly found myself addicted to the J and K keys. I usually skim over the headlines (J), if something catches my attention, I might have to skip back (K) and read a little more. They even have a whole slew of other shortcuts.

I have to admit, Google is something a little like the original Coca Cola… Very addictive.