The Usual Tech Ramblings

On Vacation

Or at least my brain has gone. I think the last month or so has taken its tool on the old grey matter, and it’s gone on vacation. I cannot get anything going. I seem to have a total lack of motivation, though I want to do “stuff”, I just don’t know what. I figured I could take a wander around the Dallas Arboretum this week, that was until I saw the predicted weather forecast of storms. I cannot even get anything in my head to photograph at home.

I was thinking of some foods, but we really don’t have the kind of stuff you try out for photos. I guess I could photo the brownies I’m planning on making later, but I then stumble into a lighting problem… I don’t really have any. I’ve been contemplating an Alien Bee AB800 kit, but I doubt I’d be permitted funding for it, especially not as I want a few lenses too. I guess I could check out eBay for some cheapies, I’m only going to be playing around after all. I think my creativity side got left somewhere other than in my head.

Not only that, but work is kicking my butt too. I’m going over a security audit from last year, and have got a few things left to address, but I just cannot get into the resolution. Every time I start, something distracts me.

Damn weather…