The Usual Tech Ramblings

The Power of Robocopy

Currently I am in the process of replacing all of our servers. I just got to our FTP server, and have to replicate the data on it. xcopy and robocopy are two tools I’ve used in the past, and will be using for this too. Today, I discovered a nice little add-on for robocopy.

Robocopy itself isn’t distributed with Windows, and is part of the “support tools” kit. For Windows XP/2003, you can download it here. Whilst trying to find it for my laptop again, I stumped across a TechNet article called “Utility Spotlight” that had a nice little GUI add on for Robocopy (article is here). This allows you to check the boxes of all the options, and simply hit run. The only set back to this GUI application is that it doesn’t describe the switches, or at least replace the switches with real words. Robocopy is a powerful tool, but /ZB doesn’t mean much to anybody without the instructions, so it would have been nice for the GUI to at least have mouse overs, or replace the switches in the GUI with real words.

Handy little utility regardless, saves some typing.