The Usual Tech Ramblings

Eclipse, CVS, and Windows

Being pretty much stuck on Windows due to the tools I have to use (Outlook, Visual Studio, SQL Enterprise Manager), I find that developing home stuff a little bit of a challenge. Sometimes I’ll SSH into one of my development boxes, and work from there, but it becomes a bit of a strain jumping around code. So I turned to Eclipse. It’s a massively extendable editor.

The problem comes when trying to commit code changes for some of the projects I’m on to SourceForge. SourceForge use CVS over SSH. This requires a secure connection to the server before the CVS connection can be established. This is a relatively easy task with the help of putty, and these instructions by Stefan Wehr. The instructions are a little out of date, but easy enough to adapt to environmental changes. For example, the SourceForge CVS names are now

I can now manage all of my projects on Windows, and if I finally get the chance to get off of it, I can simply move my repositories.