The Usual Tech Ramblings


Recently I’ve felt this urge not to work at all. I’m not sure why. I think it’s just a case of procrastination. I have plenty of things to do, though some require after hours work (switch upgrades, new rack PDUs, etc) which I normally enjoy doing. However, I’ve not been feeling too appreciated at work recently, and its partially coming from the fact that our dev/qa environments were moved to the corporate environment. While this should make me happy as it’s one less thing to worry about, in the last two weeks, we’ve had about 6 or 7 outages, and a constant slowness. I’ve practically had my hands tied on resolving the issue as I have no access to any of the corporate networking equipment.

I’ve had several people comment on the stability of the two environments since they went to corporate compared to when I was managing them. I think I had maybe 2 or 3 outages in 2 years (both related to RAID controller failure). That makes me feel good in the fact it shows people do notice the work I do, even if they don’t initially notice it. It also reminds me that I am now unable to diagnose any issues, let alone attempt to fix them.

I guess it’s less procrastination, and more rebellion to the fact that I have the ability to help, I’m just entirely cut off from being able to help.