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Avaya CCC and "Load Report Failed"

As part of the DST changes, this weekend I had to upgrade our phone switch to the latest version. This went fairly smoothly, with the exception of them changing the default passwords, and me not catching it at first. When I got to updating the CCC, things didn’t go too smoothly. At first, I’d removed the old IP Office Manager software from the server. This was because it hadn’t been updated in a while, and was out of sync with the main server now, and I didn’t believe it was being used. Nothing in the upgrade/install docs said it’d be needed either. Then I uninstalled the CCC software. This is where things didn’t start quite as they should have.

Installing the new version was relatively easy. Just follow the install steps, or the upgrade docs. Then it came to testing it. I first tried to get access to the “Delta Server”. This worked, however it said it wasn’t connected, and couldn’t get licenses. This reminded me of a post I’d made recently, and thought they might be tied together. So I decided to ensure the “Key Manager” service was started. To my horror, there was no key manager service. So something must have gone missing in the install. I reran it twice, and nothing appeared. I did some googling, and nothing really popped out as the solution. So I decided to take a look at the other server, and sure enough, the key manager service was on there. So I grabbed the admin utilities, and started up the install on the CCC server, and there it was as part of the install. So I reinstalled the admin utilities on the CCC server, and then restarted the delta service. I then forced it to reconnect to the phone switch, and the Archiver database. All seemed to be well.

This is where more stuff appeared to be broken. I had recently made modifications to our call menus and wanted to increase the reporting a little to allow us to get a better insite into what is going on, and where the calls are going. So I enabled some reporting options, and gave it about 20 minutes before trying to load a report. When I attempted to open the report, I was promptly thrown an error:

Load Report Failed

This wasn’t very descriptive, nor were the logs, so I started to take a look around. This is where I stumbled across this item from the creators of Crystal Reports (this is what the CCC reports are based on). While the article was specifically about Windows 98/ME, it did have the same error, and could be the possible culprit. So I copied the line:

> cd "Program Files\Common Files\"
> cd "Crystal Decisions"
> regsvr32 "1.0\bin\CRQE.dll"

This generated an error that the file didn’t exist. This turns out to be caused by the fact that we have 2.0 installed, and not 1.0. So I adjusted the directory structure, and executed. I proceeded to test a report… This time with success. Apparently during my install/reinstall/uninstall fiascos, somehow the crqe.dll file had not been correctly registered.