The Usual Tech Ramblings

Cisco, Dell, and DST

I recently wrote about the 2007 DST changes that are coming up very rapidly (this weekend in fact), and all the changes we’re having to go through. One of the things that keeps slipping my mind, because it works so well, is the infrastructure. I use it every day, all day, and rely on it heavily. While the DST stuff isn’t going to make a huge difference to it, it’s nice to have logs reporting any issues in the right time. So I went to check on the availability for updates on the Cisco and Dell switching infrastructure we have. There wasn’t any. In fact, there wasn’t really any mention of the possible impact at all. This is where I started to get a little concerned, until I started playing around in the application. There is a command, on both the Dell, and Cisco switches, that will let you pre-define the DST date and times each year.

pix > ena
pix #> config t
pix (config)> clock summer-time CST date Mar 11 2007 02:00 Nov 4 2007 02:00

This sets the summer time shift on the new DST dates for this year. The command is almost identical on the Dell switches, the Cisco switches, and the Cisco routers.