The Usual Tech Ramblings

DST Rollover...

Well, I stayed up last night until 2am, which shortly became 3 am, then on to 4 am. The new DST time period rolled over great for all my linux boxes, my windows boxes on the other hand, caused a bit of an issue. All the Windows 2003 servers rolled fine. As I’d mentioned here, Windows XP and Windows 2003 had a patch, whilst Windows 2000 had a registry hack. This hack didn’t work for me, despite running it several times, and rebooted numerous times too. In the end, I went with “method 2” as listed on Microsoft’s page. It tells you to download TZEdit, which will allow you to edit a time zone. When I pulled them up, they were all as they should be, but I opened them, and saved it again. It then tells you to change time zone, and change back for the changes to kick in. After doing that, the time was correct. Application testing showed there wasn’t really any concerns, as we’d previously tested the applications without issues. I’ve not received any calls today about the services, so I’m guessing that we should be just fine.