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Track-It SmartServer issues after server rename

A while ago we had deployed a virtual server to use with Track-It. As we were using a standard template, with sysprep, to build our virtual hosts, this went well. During a regular audit of the event log, I noticed that errors were being generated by SmaRTIndexServer-Importer and SmaRTIndexServer-Indexer. So I decided to check up on them. The importer service was generating an error about not being able to find the SQL server:

Error loading Import Specifications: 
  [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]Specified SQL server not found.
  -SELECT cmd_str, field_map, data_source, smi.area_id, 
	poll_freq,import_id,attrs,last_run,update_cmd, import_type_id 
FROM smImports smi
ORDER BY poll_freq

The indexer was generating a slightly different error message:

An error occurred when indexing answers: 
  [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]Specified SQL server not found.
  -Unspecified error

Both suggested not being able to connect to the SQL server. So I checked up on the SQL server. I know it was running as I was using it earlier this morning for some inventory stuff. Knowing that was working, I started to look through google. There was no help there at all. So I turned to the knowledgebase for Track-It. Doing a search for “Error loading Import specificatons” found this gem.

A few reg changes later, and a restart of the service, and no more errors.