The Usual Tech Ramblings


Have you ever been in the mood where you want company, but want to be alone… at the same time?

A good friend is somebody that you can sit on a park bench for hours on end, not say a single word, and when it comes time to leave, know you have just had the best conversation

This quote sums up Adam entirely. We used to go bike riding late at night sometimes, along the sea front, all the way into Shoeberryness, not really talking, but when we got back, I always felt 100 times better than I had a few hours before, just like a burden had been lifted from my chest.

Neill, he was different. Somehow, I always felt comfortable talking to him about stuff, no matter how depressed I was. That also included 2am bike rides in freezing fog sometimes too. Crazy times.

Jodi, I think she could make me laugh no matter how bad things were. I’ll never forget ichy knees, and how they came about (don’t ask).