The Usual Tech Ramblings

How much to replace a bulb?

This is ammusing. The new energy saving bulbs could end up being more expensive than most people think. At least somebody found out the hard way anyway. Apparently the CFL bulbs that are being pushed (more like shoved) down our throats by companies like Walmart, and such, contain mercury. You know, the same stuff they used to put in thermometers until they figured out it was incredibly poisonous.

Hint of the day, don’t drop one. The $4.28 bulb could cost you in excess of $2,000 in cleanup costs alone.

New mastercard commerical anybody?

  • New CFL bulb - $4.28
  • Energy bill savings - $180
  • Price of cleanup of toxic mercury due to dropped bulb - $2,000
  • Price of knowing you’re saving the environment, and the cost of your own life… priceless