The Usual Tech Ramblings

Headline Catchers

I was crawling through my feeds this morning, and this BBC news article caught me because of the snippet.

A man and woman found dead in a garden next to an electric lawnmower may have been there overnight.

Why did that get me? Intrigued by the link to the electric lawnmower. I had a feeling it may have had something to do with their death, however, when phrased like that, you might wonder if they were killed with a gun, and left with the lawnmower. My brain works in odd ways.

Also in the article, is a bit of bad phrasing, or more particularly titling, on the BBCs behalf. They mentioned that the Wales ambulance service believed electrocution, but later retracted that statement. The bit that got me was the title ‘Shocked’. This was really in reference to the neighbour being shocked that they were dead, but in light of possible electrocution, seemed a little… er… poorly titled.