The Usual Tech Ramblings

Getting Ready...

Off Camera Lighting 1 I’ve been reading The Strobist for a bit now, and realized that I’d just missed last year’s Lighting 101. Apparently he’s running a second course this year (aptly named Lighting 102). I picked myself up a few goodies. All but one of the items was from eBay.

The Nikon SB-800 was purchased new from B&H Photo. I’ve been after this for a while. Actually, ever since I saw it being used under the CLS system. It was quite impressive to watch one of the guys from TPF link 4 of them together, and trigger them from one on the camera. Next was a light stand, umbrella, and a nifty little gadget that allows you to mount a standard speed light to a standard light stand.

This completes a little kit, which I will use for both the strobist project, and some other things I’ve been planning on. For example, a recipe book. As mentioned in the past, I’ve become a little interested in cooking again. For mother’s day, I concocted a stuffed port chop, with green beans, and mushrooms. It’d be nice to make a recipe, and take photos of it so I know how it turned out. Maybe oneday I’ll be famous (or infamous), and have my own book or something.

The photo to the left is my first real shot using the above equipment. It is of my laptop keyboard, and obviously needs a dust. Have to try figuring out how to stop the cat sleeping on it.