The Usual Tech Ramblings

Comment of the day

Whilst attempting to debug some work issues with a vendor today, I stumbled across some amusing comments in the code..

We need to find a model for you. Easy there tiger, we’re talking cars here…

We need to stop here to ask a few questions to Bubba!

We (what is this we shit) I know what model you are !!!

That’s about the scope of the fun I’ve had today. Now I have to knock together a test harness to try and figure out what is throwing an exception from a DLL, which is being used by IIS. If you didn’t know, throwing an exception from a DLL is a bad idea. This is usually because the error cannot properly be handled by the upstream application. In this case, an exception dialog pops up informing of the failure, but as it is IIS, the dialog goes nowhere, and lets IIS hang itself.