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Steak with Mushroom and Red wine Sauce

This evenings experiment was steak with mushroom and red wine sauce. Original idea was from Good Housekeeping, but had some tweaks. For example, couldn’t find port, so just went with a red wine. Cut down the amount of mushrooms to just 8oz, because that’s all I could fit in the pan.

I browned the steaks (well, it was one giant slab of steak I cut in half), roughly 2 minutes on each side. Then put the pan, with steaks, in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes until medium rare. Remember, meat will continue to cook, even after removed from the heat. I took them out the oven, and wrapped the two steaks in foil so I could get the pan back for the rest of the cooking.

I served it with green beans, and bowtie pasta. Some things could be done differently. For example, once cooked in the red wine, you really cannot tell the difference between the different mushrooms, so your garden variety white mushrooms would probably work just fine instead of mixing. Also, the shallots, tasted just like normal onions, if not a little sweeter. They could easily be substituted for a small red onion.

Now all I need to do is cook food when I’m not hungry, so I can take photos of it.