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Starting from scratch...

I’ve been having issues getting motivated on getting back to the gym. Mostly because I’m rather tired after getting back from work, or because I end up working when I get home. I’ve contemplated stepping out at lunch, and hitting the gym, but then I end up skipping lunch, which makes it hard to make any progress on muscle gain.

More recently I’ve been having issues sleeping, so I’ve been taking the dog for a walk. They’ve ended up being weird hours, like the first big walk is at 12am, the second is usually at 2am. He gets several other shorter walks at 6pm and 8pm. The big ones though, I’m usually out for about an hour. I was curious the other day at how far I was actually walking, and took my GPS with me to track it. I figured out that I was covering about 3 miles for each of the walks. That means I’m now covering 6 miles, every night.

It has been good for me, and the dog. I’ve dropped 5lbs in 2 weeks, and the dog has seemed quite a bit calmer now he’s getting a lot more exercise. Now I’ve just got to figure in some weight routines into the walking so I can start to build the muscles back up again. Maybe now I’m getting back into the swing of things, my motivation to hit the gym will start to come back up. I might end up just going straight from work, instead of heading home, that’s a sure way to kill things.

Dogs, the perfect free exercise ;)