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Visual Studio, and annoying checkouts

Whilst doing some project build work recently, I noticed that every time I attempted to build a solution, it’d want to checkout every project, and update it with something. After doing a comparison after it had done it’s update, and before I checked it into TFS, I decided to find out what kept getting added. I figured it was probably a project dependency that was recently added, and not completely added to all the projects yet.

On performing the compare against the TFS latest version, I found the following was being added:

<Service Include="{B4F97281-0DBD-4835-9ED8-7DFB966E87FF}" />

Searching all the project files for that GUID, I was unable to track down the real source of it. So I decided to hit google. I stumbled across Ken Egozi’s blog, which had the following. He detailed exactly the same issue I was having, with a reference to an MSDN thread.

It turns out that the cause of the problem is a bug in one of the 2005 SDKs1, that caused Visual Studio to decide it needed to be added to all projects. Ken details how to resolve the issue. Visual Studio 2008 should be fixed with a service pack update, whilst Visual Studio 2005 requires registry tweaks, but both seem to be working just great.

  1. Which I’d installed just a few weeks back