The Usual Tech Ramblings

Creative Urges

I’ve been pondering creativity recently. My mind is bubbling with random ideas, but not sure ideas for what. Today one such idea struck me.

The idea is a simple web tablet. I know I’ve seen a few of them floating around, so the idea isn’t new, but I want to build one… just because.

It must have the follow:

  • 802.11B/G Wireless interface
  • USB ports
  • Expandable memory (SD cards?)
  • Tough touch screen
  • Long battery life

The idea popped into my head when trying to make bread earlier this afternoon… Running backwards and forwards to the computer to try and remember the recipes is frustrating. So the idea was to have something that could be clear, easy to use, and tough enough for the kitchen (hence the need for a tough touch screen for those sticky fingers).

I’m thinking of a Linux based device, that boots quickly, and jumps straight into a simple desktop, or browser depending on preferences. Installing your own software should be pretty simple, probably based something on Ubuntu/Debian.

Of course, all these ideas are already in the work, with the kitchens of the futures. But, still, seems like an interesting project to me…