The Usual Tech Ramblings

New Beginnings

Yesterday was the start of new beginnings. The company I worked for sold the main application in their suite of products to a competing company. So my last day at JMsolutions was Friday, and starting Monday, I now work for DealerTrack. Press release for the purchase is here. It was a rough day yesterday, as the purchase of AAX resulted in several friends being let go. I managed to trudge through the rest of the day, and get a few things knocked out.

I’m apprehensive, and excited at the same time. New times are coming, and old ones are going. I may get the opportunity to get more of the stuff I wanted to work on, rather than the stuff I had to work on. I may also get a chance to work on new areas, or get back to the networking portion I enjoy so much. We’ll have to see how the tides of change will work.

As a side note, because my shiny handbook says so the disclaimer is here, and probably should have done it a while back for my previous employer (though I don’t think I ever mentioned who I worked for in the past).