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Motion Sensing Lights

1bd8e8d9-cad5-4029-8a4e-5bb58f7c4498_300Because I have a little one1, we often have issues with lights around the house. Specifically the bathroom. He’s figured he can use a coat hanger to turn the lights on and off2. The problem is, he still loves to ask to have the light turned on for him. Today I decided to help both my son, and the electricity bill. I fitted a motion sensing light switch. This has a two fold benefit.

  • Saves power as people have a tendency to leave the light one
  • Lets my son wander in without having to worry about fighting the light switch

The great thing is they’re really easy to install. has a short video (4 mins) on how to do it.

  1. Well, not so little, he’s nearly 5 

  2. He figured it out on his own too, much to my amusement