The Usual Tech Ramblings

Cunning support

A while back I mentioned my new toy1. Along with my new toy I got a handful of accessories, which included a nifty cradle, which allows the phone to be docked with the standard, or extended batteries in it. It has the added bonus of having a battery slot at the back for charging whatever isn’t in the phone.

Today I had my extended battery in the back, and the standard battery in the phone. I’ve noticed that the extended battery doesn’t always fully charge when charged via the phone, so it doesn’t last as long. When I dropped everything in place, I noticed the charge LED blinking orange, instead of the normal green I’m accustomed to. Worried that the extended battery was somehow faulty, I tried searching the Motorola support site for the accessories, with little luck by browsing through the sections, I tried searching for model number.

Upon flipping the cradle over to get the model number, my support worries were put at ease, when in clear writing on the bottom was the following:

  • Flashing Green: Battery Charging
  • Solid Green: 90% Charged
  • Flashing Orange: Battery waiting to charge
  • Flashing Red: Indicates a faulty or invalid battery & will not charge

Motorola have obviously come across stupids like me before, and put it in the most obvious place that everybody would look when trying to track down everything else. Cunning support :)

  1. Obviously not so new any more