The Usual Tech Ramblings

Random Mail Stats

I’ve been meaning to get some proper stats setup for my mail server, but until then, I’ve been mostly content with reading the LogWatch reports from my server. It has been dutifully analyzing my log files, and giving me all kinds of useful data, such as the mail stats from Saturday, 18th July…

The first interesting stat is for my tiny little mail server, I received 27,668 emails. Of that 27,242 of them were dropped at the door. 20k of which were RBLs. Of the handful that were left behind, half of them were marked as spam by Amavis and SpamAssassin.

Here are the full details…

 --------------------- Postfix Begin ------------------------ 

        4   SASL authentication failed 
   48.003M  Bytes accepted                        50,334,433
   77.976M  Bytes sent via SMTP                   81,763,280
    8.110M  Bytes delivered                        8,503,744
 ========   ================================================
      426   Accepted                                   1.54%
    27242   Rejected                                  98.46%
 --------   ------------------------------------------------
    27668   Total                                    100.00%
 ========   ================================================
      504   5xx Reject relay denied                    1.85%
       42   5xx Reject HELO/EHLO                       0.15%
     4239   5xx Reject unknown user                   15.56%
     1914   5xx Reject recipient address               7.03%
    20543   5xx Reject RBL                            75.41%
 --------   ------------------------------------------------
    27242   Total 5xx Rejects                        100.00%
 ========   ================================================
     1097   4xx Reject recipient address             100.00%
 --------   ------------------------------------------------
     1097   Total 4xx Rejects                        100.00%
 ========   ================================================
    22593   Connections made      
    12936   Connections lost (inbound) 
    22592   Disconnections        
      422   Removed from queue    
      115   Delivered             
      333   Sent via SMTP         
        4   Resent                
     7536   Policyd-weight        
        2   Connection failure (outbound) 
      184   Timeout (inbound)     
       28   Illegal address syntax in SMTP command 
        4   Numeric hostname      
       14   SMTP dialog error     
       28   Excessive errors in SMTP dialog 
     3484   Hostname verification errors 
        4   Hostname validation errors 
        7   SASL authenticated messages 
 ---------------------- Postfix End ------------------------- 

This reminds me of a need to setup more monitoring and statistics. For example, per domain logs for the domain owners to review (and me to find out who uses my system the most).

I have some interesting ideas for my servers, just got to get around to doing them…