The Usual Tech Ramblings

Gravity Wells...

Courtesy of LOPSA, I stumbled across Matt Simmons blog1. A recent post discussed us all being a large source of information, and how we all suck it in from various sources. He lists off his recent change in using mailing lists, and several other sources of information (including an extensive feed export).

Courtesy of Matt, my feed collection is huge, instead of just large, and was the reason I just flipped over to RSSOwl (see my previous post). I did some reorganization, and my new collection can be found here. I did some tidying, some reorganization, removing of duplicate and broken feeds (something RSSOwl flags clearly). He has some interesting sources, and contacts, worth checking out his sources of information.

Funnily, I realized that Matt is also using the Cleaker theme, which I decided to take a look at over 2 years ago now. Interesting how sysadmins brain’s work ;)

  1. Or was it the other way around?