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Gallery2 upgrade and WPG2

For the longest time, I’ve had a random image sitting in the right sidebar. It happily picks random images from my local gallery. Last night, I figured it was about time to play catch up on the Gallery2 install we had been using. After all, we were on 2.2.3, and they were up to 2.3.something. All was working well, gallery loaded, images were all showing, everybody was happy. Until I checked the front page of my blog.

Array ( 
  [blocks] => |randomImage 
  [show] => |title 
  [exactSize] => 150 
  [itemFrame] => polaroid 
  [albumFrame] => none ) 
Error (ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER) : Smarty error: The template 'modules/imageframe/templates/containers/ImageFrame.tpl' does not exist.

I was presented a delightful error about Smarty templates being missing. Doing a quick search, the files were all still in place, and permissions were all still correct, but WPG2’s widget was not liking something about the update. Doing some searching, I stumbled upon a handful of people having similar issues back in 20081, but by several followups report it was fixing in 3.06 of WPG2. This sucks because I am on 3.07, so you’d think it would also be fixed there too.

Another post gave another hint as to a way to resolve the issue. One of the recommendations was to copy the files into the WPG2 directory, another was to create a symlink. This is easy to do:

# cd wp-content/plugins/wpg2
# ln -s ../../../../gallery2/modules .

As I was using this in a multi-site environment, I also added a symlink to the modules from the root of the local user gallery too…

# cd gallery
# ln -s ../../gallery2/modules .

I’d initially used full paths for the symlinks, but that appeared not to work, so I swapped it out for relative symlinks. A quick clear of WP-Supercache and WP-Widget Cache, and it appears to all be working now.

  1. Told you I was out of date