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Books on Networking...

Kevin Bovis over on Ethereal Mind has an interesting post titled 10 Networking Books to Read Before You Die… He talks about how some books become relics, outdated, and useless, but brings up a list of 10 books he thinks should be on every network persons bookshelf.

Ironically, before I’d read the post, I had cleared a bookshelf in my son’s room where I had been occupying several shelves with my techy books. Deciding to dispose of several books, I dropped them off at Half Price Books, keeping a few back, including 2 on the list Kevin recommends.

I have a copy of Programming Perl, and DNS & Bind, both great books. I also have a copy of Computer Networks by Andrew Tanenbaum. A great addition to the bookshelf, albeit a little outdated, and missing some information on more recent technologies, but a well rounded book.

Do you have any books you can’t throw out, and must have on your bookshelf? What do you recommend?