The Usual Tech Ramblings

WordPress to Octopress

Well, it’s only taken me about 3 months of on-off messing about, but I’ve finally cut my blog over to using Octopress. It’s been a long ride with Wordpress but the overhead and all the fluff were more than I needed. Octopress is nice and simple, and just gets stuff done.

The hardest part was exporting and converting. The 6 years of Wordpress usage had me tinkering with all sorts of plugins to get various fun things working, but ultimately ended up being abandoned. Unfortunately after abandoning them, I nearly played clean-up and fixed all the data it left floating around. One major example is the 4+ different code formatting plugins I’ve used.

I don’t remember all the steps I took to get it done, but have most of it documented. I’ll write it up some day. For now, let me know if you spot anything terribly wrong.