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IPv6 WAN Party

Joseph Kern has come up with a novel idea, an IPv6 WAN party.

IPv6 is a big project that is going to impact everybody, even if they don’t know it. So this WAN party gives us a chance to get ahead of the curve, and get some much needed knowledge under out belts, while doing practical work. Joseph’s idea is that we all setup IPv6, using Hurricane Electric’s “Tunnel Broker” service, on our home networks, then take the certification courses on There is even the possibility of a Google+ Hangout, while we’re working, for moral support.

If you’re interested, follow Joseph on twitter @josephkern or the hashtag #ipv6wanparty. Initial plans look to host it on Saturday November 12th, at 12pm EST.

Windows Update and Error 0x800f0818

Microsoft Windows Update has a track record of having the worst error reporting, usually throwing error codes, rather than helpful errors. I stumbled on another case of this after I worked on 2 identical machines this week. Windows Update reported the unhelpful error code 0x800f0818 during an update of .Net 3.5 SP1.

The Apple toys

We recently acquired a new company, and introduced them into the fold. There is a big difference about the new addition compared to the rest of the organization. They are a Linux and Mac shop. They write their application in Perl, and 95% of the company use Mac computers, and the few machines that are Windows based are for accounting purposes.

What does this mean for me? Well, we now have a bunch of Mac users and no staff to help support them. That’s not saying they don’t have the ability to support themselves, but sometimes they have questions and ask other sources. So we ordered a bunch of new gear, which means I now have a MacBook Air to play with, and as of yesterday an iPad1.

Initial review? The Air is nice, but only for the hardware aspect. I’m still having issues and bugs sneak in, and working around some of the things I’m used to doing other ways is quite difficult. One of the reasons I installed Windows7 on it is because I have to make a lot of compromises to just get things working that are just PnP with Windows. That doesn’t include any of the Active Directory issues we’ve been having.

As for the iPad, there are some quirks that I’m struggling with, and some software choices I’ve yet to understand. They keyboard isn’t fast enough to keep up, and constantly misses letters. Even in landscape mode, it causes cramps in my knuckles. Software wise, missing stuff like the subscribe options for podcasts in iTunes, seem weird to me.

I’m a Windows/Linux guy, I cannot fault the stuff Apple has done, they really have changed the market, but I have issues with some of the stuff and how it is setup. This might just be because ive been using the other platforms for so long.

I’ll probably post a better review after I’ve spent more time using both. Have any of you switched platform. What kinds of issues did you run into? What quirks can’t you get over? What things would you like on your original platform?

  1. I’m actually using the iPad and the Wordpress app to type this. 

VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices service terminated with service-specific error 0

Earlier this week while trying to establish some potential bottle-necks on our VMware ESXi servers, I noticed an odd issue with the performance tab. When clicking on performance, the “Overview” tab would throw a generic browser type error about not being able to connect. Clicking on the detailed view seemed to work just fine. Doing some stumbling around, I fell upon KB1014454.

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PowerShell, and MSMQ

Over the last several months, we’ve been building out a second, and third, developerment and QA environment for our teams. Part of building out the environment, I started to look at ways of automating some of the server setup. One of the things we needed to automate was the configuration of MSMQ1. A bit of looking around, and I stumbled on a post from a Microsoft engineer. He has a quick script on how to create queues with Powershell.

  1. If you have never heard of it, Microsoft has good documentation on it. 

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