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Nagios, web scraping, and PHP as an agent

Earlier today, I caught a message by @ninjasys on Twitter asking for help looking for ways to catch PHP errors on a website.

Has anyone scraped a webpage for PHP errors using Nagios? PHP errors are displayed before HTML content :( #nagios #sysadmin — Ninjasys

In the past, I’ve used webinject to do page validation, but after making a couple of suggestions, @ninjasys came back with a more detailed explanation as to what they were really after. They’re limited on what can be installed, and were having issues with disk space problems. So they couldn’t install snmp, nor were they able to use NRPE to do agent lookups. Follow the jump to see a few of the ideas I’ve come up with.

vCenter, SQL Express, and Service Termination

Last week I walked into the office greeted with an email telling me “the virtual machines are down”. This is most concerning, not sure how it went unnoticed by our monitoring software that multiple VM machines went offline, and nor did we get any notification from the other department that uses these machines that any of the night jobs had failed. So I set about figuring out what was going on…

SQL Cluster install: Network Binding Order warning

When doing a SQL cluster install, there is a rule for network binding order that causes a warning from time to time. This is really easy to fix, and is a good practice for cluster services to reduce the chance of network latency whilst services try and figure out where they need to go for certain services.

Cluster Services, and moving resources...

This week has been rather busy, finishing off the deployment of a bunch of SQL clusters for a major project the entire company is working on. Yesterday I spent the entire day fighting an install of a single instance of SQL with all kinds of errors1. But this one is a quick post on an easy error we stumbled upon this morning…

  1. A post will be forth coming on that day of hell 

MSI Installer: A system restart from a previous install or update is pending

Every now and again I get issues with the MSI installer service complaining that a previous install is pending a reboot, even after a reboot. I’ve seen this issue crop up on Exchange updates, Visual Studio updates, and more recently on a Trend Micro Office Scan upgrade. This causes some hair pulling most of the time, but I stumbled across the secret key that controls this feature…